dreaming of breakfast

This blog is about food, life, eating... which is all ironic because I am a health/nutrition educator; but I LOVE to eat! Did I say I LOVE to eat! So, there may be some musings here about enjoying life with food, all the while working hard to maintain ones weight.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well creating this blog is more complicated than I thought. I was thinking I could just sort of 'plug things in' sort of speak. I think today's frustrations will lead to buying a book on blog design. I want to come to a place that has character, where I can really feel "me" here. So cheers to that!
Let the creating begin...
Meanwhile, I will be creating in the kitchen tomorrow night. We have a couple dozen plums from our plum tree (in the alley) so I thought a plum galette seemed fitting for our guests that will be coming Friday evening. I will be making Molly Wizenberg's (orangette.blogspot.com) Meditteranean Meatballs as a main course! Can't wait to try them! Anyone out there made them yet? I am determined to try all the recipes in her book, A Homemade Life.
Until then, here's to happy galette baking, and meatball making!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Have you ever?

Have you ever gone to bed and lay awake at night dreaming of what you will have for breakfast? I do this frequently. I first recall doing this when I was in grade school and my had my best childhood friend over to stay the night (which I also did frequently). We laid awake one night talking about the endless possibilities of what we would eat in the morning. Would it be cereal, and if so, what kind: Wheat Chex, Shredded Wheat, or my family standby, Raisin Bran? Would we wake up to find my Dad had gone to our local donut store, bringing home 'Chocolate Flops', apple turnovers, puffed glazed rings topped with chocolate icing? Maybe my Mom would make pancakes? And those could be of varying tastes too; sometimes plain, sometimes with banana or pumpkin. Sometimes she'd make her french toast with the addition of Grand Mariner. This is not typically a welcoming flavor when you are 10 years old.

Today, at the age of 32 (almost 33!) I lay awake thinking about breakfast and am mostly just excited about the start of a new day; waking up to take that fist sip of coffee, enjoying the splendor of having a few quiet moments to myself before I hear the rise of my 4 year old and almost 7 year old children. Of course I am also thinking about what I might eat in the morning. It is one of my favorite meals. For awhile this year it was a piece of peanut butter toast with 1/2 a banana, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Lately though I have introduced my version of the French Rolled omelet, complete with a snipping of fresh chives from our garden. You take an egg, plus an extra egg white, scramble it up, pour it into a hot skillet. While it is cooking, quickly throw on whatever sounds good! Mostly I do some fresh spinach leaves and some feta cheese crumbles; and then a dash of kosher salt and ground pepper. I also have this fantastic dried herb mixture (brought back from Syria by my mother) that I also toss in. Once the ingredients are topped on, carefully roll the omelet over the top of itself creating a nice long roll. I usually toast a piece of bread to go along with this; with some nice jam to accompany it.

So what are you dreaming of for breakfast?